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Kym Wilde, one of the best doms who walked on this earth gives a harsh lesson to Star Nine.
She spanks, whips her. Shove a dildo on her ass. Fuck her mouth and pussy with her feet then finally gives a good old fucking with huge strapon.


Lesbian bondage and domination simply fascinate me. I just love to watch women being mean and cruel to each other. Especially when they don’t fake it. 
In this page I will try to share my favourite findings on the net. I visited every single site, watched every video and read every story linked here. I hope you will like them as I did.

Best lesbian bondage content

You are here to find some sites with mean women treat other women like worms right?
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Best lesbian bondage stories

If you like to read like me here are some very wonderful stories.

An Endless Competition : One young actress wannabe girl turned into foot worshipping slave by her aunt and cousin.

Landlady Takes ControlA wealthy and sadistic woman purchase the house of some girl who trolled her on the net. Payback time!

Allie & NicoleA girl loses both her parents at accident. Nicole who used to be her babysitter took her in. To transform her to a slave.

The InternsAn attorney and doctor teams up to turn young girls to slaves who obey every command they are given.

From Society Girl To Slave : Wealthy and spoiled brat turned into house slave by a sadist sociopath hired by her uncle.

Family Slave : Poor girl became house slave to her sadistic step-mother and her daughters after her father died.